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Continued Dispensing in Minfos


Using Minfos with Continued Dispensing

We have extended Minfos dispense data to include the new range of drugs available for Continued Dispensing.


To access the updated list of PBS items in Minfos, please follow the below steps:  

1. Refer to your State’s legislation to find out what items and quantities are available through the Continued Dispensing Program.

Note: There may be items marked as Continued Dispense in Minfos that are not available in your state to supply under this Program.


2. Perform a manual dispense update.


3. Ensure your Pharmacists are setup as ‘Prescribers’ in Prescriber Maintenance with their AHPRA number as the registration number.


4. Refer to our manual to dispense a Continued Dispensing supply.



Claiming authority items

We are currently working on updating our system to support PBS claiming of authority items. 


You are able to dispense and supply these items to the patient but you may receive a rejection from PBS Online. We will advise Minfos customers via email when they can resubmitted authority items claiming.



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