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2020 snapshot of Minfos packing


Packing overview

Accurate management of Dose Administration Aids (DAAs) is a must in a pharmacy. We make it simple with our built-in packing functionality and integration. Minfos Packing enables you to:

  • Create and maintain patient profiles
  • Accurately manage medication for patients with complex dosing regimes
  • View drugs for all pack types
  • View low or negative drug balance to identify medication needing replenishment
  • Effortlessly queue scripts in dispense from Minfos Packing
  • Charge to a customer's account in 1-click (applicable for Meditec and DoseAid integrations)
  • Easily perform a bulk substitution when your preferred brand changes
  • Customise your blister template 
  • Packing runs and pack changes are recorded and can be easily accessed for future reference


We have made a number of improvements to support pharmacies that use Minfos Packing or have integrated Minfos with a Packing vendor.  These are:

  • Warning prompt when ‘Pack duration exceeds shelf life of xx days’ (applicable for pharmacies using DoseAid)
  • Ability to merge packed products
  • Audit report for merged items


Warning prompt when ‘Pack duration exceeds shelf life of xx days’

Pharmacies using Minfos Packing for DoseAid sachets will now be alerted with a warning prompt, if the ‘Pack duration exceeds shelf life of xx days.’


Merging packed products

It is now possible for a slave product in a packing profile to be merged. We have also updated the workflow for this merge to appear in all relevant areas of the packing module, including areas such as the patient profiles, medication history and packing audit reports.


Audit report for merged items

To assist Pharmacists, we have built a product merges audit report. This report displays all merges that have occurred where the slave product was in at least one patient packing profile. The report provides visibility of the patient profiles impacted by the merge.


You can find our packing resources in our Help Centre.

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2020 snapshot of Minfos loyalty integration


Loyalty integration overview

Minfos smoothly integrates with loyalty solutions. Our loyalty integration enables pharmacies to effectively connect with their customers and build long-term customer loyalty for their business.


Recently, we have improved the Minfos workflow for the LoyaltyOne loyalty integration.


LoyaltyOne Pop-up message in Minfos Till

If there is LoyaltyOne message for a member and you scan their loyalty card, the message will pop-up in Minfos Till . This allows you to see the message, while still being able to:

  • Scan products
  • View the sales basket


This change gives you more visibility and a seamless loyalty workflow experience in Minfos.


You can find our Loyalty resources in our Help Centre.

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2020 snapshot of Minfos robotics dispense integration


Robotics dispense integration overview

Minfos seamlessly integrates with a number of robotic dispense systems. Hand-in-hand with your robotics system, Minfos helps you effectively manage stock levels. 


Drug Recall window shows robot stock-on-hand (SOH)

Recently, we added a new column ‘ROB SOH’ to the Drug Recall window. This new feature enables pharmacies using a robotic dispensing system to view both the SOH of a product held in the robot and the total SOH in their pharmacy.


You can find our robotics resources in our Help Centre.

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2020 snapshot of Minfos ordering


Ordering overview

Controlling your stock levels and making data-driven purchasing decisions is critical to the success of your pharmacy. Minfos make ordering fast and easy. Our features include:

  • Electronic ordering
  • Auto-generating orders
  • Create an order based on a date range
  • Create an order based on seasonal ordering
  • Set ordering to ensure you order the right quantity
  • Set minimum order quantities or order multiples for manual orders
  • Easily manage stock transfers
  • Email orders to suppliers
  • Review current and last invoice costs


Throughout the year, we have made improvements to ordering, including:

  • Order Edit screen improvements
  • Prompt when an order is open in another workstation
  • Improved Minfos multi-store search and sort functionality in SOH tab


Order Edit screen improvements

We have increased the screen size and added sales and purchase information to the screen. This means that when you open any order, the units sold and purchased are located at the bottom of the order screen. This helps you to keep your profit position top of mind.


In the Order Edit screen, you will now also find the monthly sales and purchases for the selected product. This enables you to make quick ordering decisions based on previous sales and purchases, without leaving the screen.


Prompt when an order is open in another workstation

If another pharmacy staff attempts to open an order that is already open on another workstation, a notification will appear. It will include the details of the station where the order is open. We have also implemented this prompt for ePad orders. 


Improved Minfos multi-store search and sort functionality in SOH tab

We have improved the Stock on Hand (SOH) tab in the product stock card. Now, you will be able to search and find a specific store within the list. You can also sort by the column headers.


You can find our order management resources in our Help Centre.

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2020 snapshot of Minfos Pharmacist Check screen


Pharmacist Check screen overview

A fast and accurate dispense verification process is a must for Pharmacists. With the Minfos Pharmacist Check screen, Pharmacists can verify the patient, their prescriptions and their medication history – all from a single screen.


The dedicated screen enables Pharmacists to access more information, action changes and perform clinical tasks during the final checking process. It assists with ensuring the correct medication is supplied to the correct patient. The screen allows Pharmacists to:

  • Perform the drug scan check process
  • View all the items dispensed to the patient on that day
  • View the electronic copy of a prescription for an eScript
  • Easily access the patient’s medication history and customer notes
  • Record clinical interventions and review drug-drug interaction alerts


Throughout the year, we have further increased the useability and efficiency of this screen. New features include:  

  • Prompt for items that have not been scan checked
  • Identify scripts with PBS rejections
  • Access and edit options
  • Add items to an ePad order
  • Warning prompt for a different patient
  • Improved display of the Copy of eScript
  • Scripts on File indicator


Prompt for items that have not been scan checked

If you have any scripts displaying on the Pharmacist Check Screen that have not been correctly scan checked, we have built in a warning prompt to appear. This prompt will highlight the risk and warn the Pharmacist that scripts may be supplied that have not been successfully scan checked.


Identify scripts with PBS rejections

If a script has returned a PBS rejection code, this is now indicated on the Pharmacist Check screen. For rejected scripts, the claim rejection icon ‘Err’ displays in front of the corresponding script. Now, you can easily identify and fix the error from the Pharmacist Check screen. 


Access and edit options

We have added a number of options to access and edit in the Pharmacist Check screen. These include:

  • Edit the selected prescription
  • Edit patient/customer profile
  • View or edit customer’s notes
  • View patient’s full dispensing history
  • View any drug interactions
  • View or record clinical interactions
  • Review PBS Rejections


Add items to an ePad order

You can now access the ePad order from the:

  • Pharmacist Check screen
  • Dispense Form
  • Script Options window


By accessing the ePad in the Pharmacist Check screen, you can quickly add items to a new or existing ePad order without having to navigate out of the screen. You can also add to the ePad order by using our handy keyboard shortcut [Alt + :]. Also, if a current ePad order is open, you will be notified that the order is being edited and you will have the option to create a new ePad order. 


Pharmacists Check screen warning prompt for a different patient

If a current patient's items have not all been scan checked and a dispense label for a different patient is scanned, a warning prompt will appear. This assists with ensuring that the checking of one patient’s script is completed before moving on to the next patient.


Improved display of the copy of eScripts

When you dispense an eScript repeat and select the script in the Pharmacist Check screen, you will now see the Repeat Authorisation Form. We have also added tabs to switch between the Copy of the Original eScript and the Copy of the Repeat Authorisation form. What's more, we have added a ‘Dispensed’ watermark to help you to easily identify eScripts that have been dispensed, 


Scripts on File indicator

We have added the Scripts on File indicator to display in the Pharmacist Check screen.


You can find the Minfos Pharmacist Check screen resources in our Help Centre.

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2020 snapshot of Minfos user activity and permissions


User activity and permissions overview

Managing permissions is an important part of any business. Minfos has a full suite of tools to help you protect your business and effectively manage permissions within your pharmacy.


To help you effectively manage user permissions in Minfos, we have made a number of improvement, including:

  • Control who can edit or add a new pharmacist
  • Reset a Pharmacist’s password
  • Deactivate pharmacists
  • Identify the dispenser of a prescription


Why Pharmacists need to set a password

As part of the ePrescribing government requirement, Pharmacists will need to set up a password in Minfos to be able to dispense ePrescriptions.


You can find our permissions management resources in our Help Centre.

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2020 snapshot of Minfos dispense workflow


Dispense workflow overview

A streamlined dispense workflow is essential to dispensing prescriptions accurately and quickly.


This year, we have significantly improved the Minfos Dispense module. We integrated electronic prescriptions into your dispense workflow and developed Minfos eQueue so that your pharmacy can efficiently manage ePrescriptions. Other improvements include: 

  • A new Edit Claims filter
  • Receive an owing via the PES
  • Improved patient ID matching functionality
  • Improved drug matching functionality


Edit Claims filter

Easily identify paper scripts and ePrescriptions with our new Edit Claims dropdown filter. You can filter by:

  • All scripts (paper and eScripts)
  • eScripts only
  • Paper scripts


The Edit Claims window is also useful for reconciling your claims. You can either print the Edit Claims window or you can include a printed list of eScripts with your paper claims for future reference.


Receive an owing via the PES

Owing paper prescriptions where the script only has one item listed, can now be received via the eRx or MediSecure barcode printed on the script.

Refer to Receive an Owing Script for more information.


Improved patient ID matching  

We have expanded the patient search criteria in your customer database to help match patients against prescriptions downloaded from eRx or MediSecure. This assists in accurately matching to existing patients in your database and reducing the number of duplicates in your system. 

Minfos will now match patients by:

  • Medicare Number or DVA Number
  • Individual Health Identifier (IHI)
  • Customer name


Minfos will even search for matches for customers whose Medicare Number has changed due to a new card being issued.


Improved drug matching

We have further improved drug matching when loading a script from eRx or MediSecure. This supports the Active Ingredient Prescribing (AIP) initiative.


To provide more information on the drug selecting criteria, Minfos now displays the PBS Code in the header of the drug selection dialog. This PBS Code is retrieved from the electronic script data via eRx or MediSecure. You can configure Minfos to enable this enhanced eScript drug matching functionality.


You can find our full suite of dispense management resources in our Help Centre.

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2020 snapshot of Minfos patient management


Patient management overview

A comprehensive patient records and customer account management system is crucial to your pharmacy. Get a clear picture of your patient’s needs to efficiently dispense and manage your customer’s accounts from Minfos. Our suite of patient and account management tools include:

  • Patient details
  • Customer account details
  • Patient medication history
  • Interactions and allergies
  • Clinical interventions
  • Patient notes
  • My Health Record integration


This year, we have added to and improved the patient and account management functionality. These include:

  • Improved deceased patient management
  • Add customer notes to prompt at the Till
  • Gender drop-down options available in the customer's profile
  • Manage multiple emails for a customer


Improved deceased patient management

This update ensures that Minfos will not print the name of the deceased patient on the Safety Net Card (their name will appear on the Safety Net Report).


Add customer notes to prompt at the Till

Add a note for a customer and when they are selected at the Till, their note will display. This prompt is useful for reminding customers that their account payment is due or a special order has arrived for them. You also have the flexibility to set up the prompt to always display or allow the sales person to stop the prompt displaying again in the future.


Gender drop-down options available in the customer's profile

We have had a number of requests to update the Gender drop-down. So, now there are three options, female, male and now ‘not stated.’


Manage multiple emails for a customer

This functionality is useful when you have a customer who wants their statements to be sent to an alternate email address. You can manage their:

  • Personal email address in the Customer Maintenance Details tab and
  • The email address to which their accounts and statement (e.g. workcover) should be sent to


There is even an option to auto-populate the email address listed on the Details tab into the Account tab by simply selecting the tick-box in the Details tab. 


Get more out of your Minfos by setting up SMS notifications

You can further streamline your patient and customer communications with Minfos SMS Connect. Sending SMS text message is fast and easy. It is particularly suitable for sending alerts, notifications and reminders for:

  • Script collection advice
  • Refill script notice
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Delivery status
  • Order and payment confirmation
  • Owing reminders


To learn more you can read why your pharmacy should SMS your patients or customers or request a demo for Minfos SMS Connect.

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