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Discover how using Minfos has helped our customers change the way they do business - for the better.


Andrew Auchterlonie - Star Pharmacy Alliance

28 pharmacies, one solution: Minfos.


When you’re running 28 pharmacy sites, you’d better have the right software, explains Andrew Auchterlonie IT Coordinator of the Star Pharmacy Alliance and Minfos customer.


Andrew Auchterlonie, IT Coordinator of the Star Pharmacy Alliance, says Minfos Multistore has made it a lot easier to manage the 28 pharmacies in the Group, and ‘definitively allowed the businesses to grow much faster and bigger than anticipated’.


Minfos Multistore enables pharmacies to effectively manage two or more stores from a single location, providing a completely integrated solution for virtually every aspect of their businesses.


First implemented for the Star Pharmacy Alliance group in February 2007, Minfos was initially introduced to meet the very clear challenge of simplifying processes across all 28 pharmacies.



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David Parnis - PPS Group

Minfos provides a total solution for the Professional Pharmacy Services group.


The Minfos team has helped David Parnis and his Professional Pharmacy Services group keep track of its numerous pharmacies, and improve their performance.


The Professional Pharmacy Services (PPS) group offers a range of management services to pharmacies, including accounting, information technology, business management, group buying and administration, just to mention a few.


In the past, one of the greatest challenges for David Parnis of PPS has been finding an efficient way to get current, accurate and reliable data fed from numerous individual stores into the central PPS accounting system.



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Monir Elhage - New South Wales

Monir gives Minfos reporting a top report.


If the thought of preparing accurate, up-to-the-minute sales, staff or financial reports makes you shudder, read on. Monir Elhage – owner of three New South Wales pharmacies and manager of five – explains how Minfos software makes it simple to generate the information needed to really understand your business and make sound, informed decisions.


Monir Elhage’s main reason for implementing Minfos software was because it would enable him to generate powerful and easy-to-interpret reports across all of his pharmacies from a single location.


Owner of three pharmacies and manager of five, Monir used to have to deal with various forms of spreadsheets and documents, often containing duplicated information in a confusing array of different formats.



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Peter Pitt - Tasmania

Tassie pharmacy network goes from strength to strength with Minfos.


A long-time customer, Peter Pitt, explains why Minfos is his multi-pharmacy group's software of choice.
Peter Pitt, a great advocate of the Minfos system, uses Minfos software across his four Tasmanian pharmacies located all over the Apple Isle. Peter first introduced the Minfos system to his pharmacies back in 2000 to simplify his accounting processes and streamline his financial reporting.  Prior to then, a variety of financial reports in different formats used to cross his desk – all drawn from different sources. This meant the data was not always reliable, and was difficult to compile, compare and ‘mine’ for the right information.



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Karen Wright - Chemmart, Queensland

Queensland pharmacy becomes the 600th to benefit from the Minfos system.


Karen Wright, co-owner of Samford Chemmart® Pharmacy in Queensland explains why she is delighted with her Minfos system. 

When Karen Wright and her business partners Rod Garozzo and Blaine Woods took over an independent pharmacy in Queensland in mid 2008, they immediately converted it to a Chemmart® Pharmacy and installed the Minfos system.


Soon after they discovered they were the 600th Australian pharmacy to install the system, a milestone acknowledged by the Minfos team with the presentation of a framed commemorative certificate and gift hamper.



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John Cagney - Chemmart, Adelaide

Minfos provides a total solution for John Cagney.


For John Cagney, who runs a ‘sizeable’ Chemmart® Pharmacy 400 kilometres from Adelaide, Minfos software has delivered a multitude of benefits.


John Cagney originally implemented the Minfos system at his large Chemmart® Pharmacy in Monarch, South Australia, in 2004, and quickly discovered the array of significant benefits it now delivers to the pharmacy every day.


For John, the Minfos system provides a total solution, providing an integrated EFTPOS system at point-of-sale, covering four dispense terminals and three registers.


The Minfos software also lets John continually track products, thanks to unique numeric identifiers that also make it easy to re-order or conduct a stock-take.


Due to the rural location of John’s pharmacy, he holds a relatively high number of customer accounts, all of which are easily managed by the Minfos software. It is simple to identify customers on the Minfos system thanks to the fact that there is just a single patient file for each customer.



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