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Case Studies 

John Cagney - Chemmart, Adelaide

Minfos provides a total solution for John Cagney.


For John Cagney, who runs a ‘sizeable’ Chemmart® Pharmacy 400 kilometres from Adelaide, Minfos software has delivered a multitude of benefits.


John Cagney originally implemented the Minfos system at his large Chemmart® Pharmacy in Monarch, South Australia, in 2004, and quickly discovered the array of significant benefits it now delivers to the pharmacy every day.


For John, the Minfos system provides a total solution, providing an integrated EFTPOS system at point-of-sale, covering four dispense terminals and three registers.


The Minfos software also lets John continually track products, thanks to unique numeric identifiers that also make it easy to re-order or conduct a stock-take.


Due to the rural location of John’s pharmacy, he holds a relatively high number of customer accounts, all of which are easily managed by the Minfos software. It is simple to identify customers on the Minfos system thanks to the fact that there is just a single patient file for each customer.

John is thrilled with the way Minfos has streamlined his stock ordering in a way that ‘saves a lot of time and effort’. Prior to the implementation of the Minfos system, it took several staff half-a-day sitting down with reports and order books to complete the task. Now, in just an hour or so each month, John’s IT manager generates an online order based on the previous month’s sales history—as recorded by the Minfos software.


While John says the system needs some attention in terms of daily input and monitoring, the overall technology delivers him quick identification of any errors in the pharmacy and provides detailed ‘one touch’ reporting.


To John, one of the best aspects of Minfos report functionality is its ability to track the profitability of the business—from the macro level, down to accurately identifying what profitability is being gained from certain products, brands or companies.


“And if we’re not making a profit, then let’s face it, we’re just not going to be here,” John says.


As John simply puts it, ‘the whole thing just works’, attributing the system’s reliable functionality to the ‘fantastic’ Minfos customer support team.


John recounts that in four years, his pharmacy would have barely lost four hours trading in terms of system failures, and that the technical know-how and response times of the Minfos support team are ‘second-to-none’.


The Minfos system has helped to simplify John’s day-to-day management of his business, and he highly recommends the software for any pharmacy looking to have the edge over competitors.


For more information about the Minfos system, or to arrange an obligation-free demonstration, please call 1300 887 418.