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Media release: Minfos launches new online product catalogue
04 October 2018

Minfos has launched an online product catalogue that features over 500,000 products sourced directly from suppliers. The new functionality will help pharmacies improve efficiency when managing their product stock cards.

Now, customers can search the catalogue to find products, suppliers and relevant information such as, barcodes, descriptions, ordering codes and Minfos National Product Number (MNPN), all from one convenient place.



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My Health Record integration now includes AMT
26 June 2018

From January 2019 every consenting Australian will have their health information stored digitally in the ‘My Health Record’ system. This allows for secure, accurate and timely sharing of an individual’s health information with their healthcare provider to ensure care continuity.


Minfos software is fully compatible with My Health Record, making it easy to integrate your pharmacy management with the new digital system. Importantly, the Minfos and My Health Record integration now includes AMT (Australian Medicines Terminology) codes, safeguarding consistent transfer of medicines information across all points of care.

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Minfos - Join us for the My Health Record Workshop
Minfos is coming to the TWC Masterclass to share our My Health Record workshop
09 April 2018

Please join us to discover how you can implement the My Health Record system seamlessly into your pharmacy.

When: Wednesday 18 April 2018 from 8.00 am - 8.20 am
Where: Pullman Albert Park - TWC Masterclass: Main Conference Room​

Learning Outcomes

  • How to setup your pharmacy, pharmacists and patients to be My Health Record ready
  • How to upload a script to a patient’s record
  • How to access and interact with a patient’s record

Unable to attend the workshop?
If you are unable to attend the workshop, please register your interest and we will be in touch to talk you through the registration process.


Register Interest

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Media Release: Minfos integrates with My Health Record
27 November 2017

Minfos is pleased to announce its integration with My Health Record. This new functionality is now available to all Minfos pharmacies who have registered with the Australian Digital Health Agency.


The My Health Record system is a Federal Government initiative managed by the Agency. Minfos has worked closely with the Agency to implement the integration, which will enable pharmacists using Minfos software to access and contribute to a centralised electronic summary of a patient’s health record.



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Register to Minfos and My Health Records
30 October 2017

My Health Record is an electronic summary of an individual’s health information that can be shared securely online between the individual and registered healthcare providers.

We are pleased to advise Minfos and My Health Record are integrating to ultimately support you to deliver better health care and service to your patients.


Using this system will allow you to: 

  • Upload dispense record to the My Health Record system.
  • Access important patient information when needed, including medical history, medications prescribed, discharge summaries, allergies, adverse reactions and immunisations.
  • Help patients, including those with chronic and complex conditions, to better manage their health. Spend more time with your patients – less time chasing clinical information and investigations.



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Take a Look at Minfos 5.0.1 Software Update
23 May 2017

We have overhauled the Minfos software design, you now have the ability to keep scripts on file and automatically download product files and more.

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Minfos and Willach introduce a complete dispense and POS integration
09 November 2016

Minfos and Willach introduce a complete dispense and POS integration 


Minfos and Willach have delivered a seamless and comprehensive dispense and POS integration for the CONSIS robot.


The pilot site has been running successfully since October and further rollout plans are in progress with other Minfos/CONSIS pharmacies.





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Minfos partners with DoseAid
02 September 2016

Joint Media Release



Minfos and DoseAid partnership can help pharmacies save1



Minfos and DoseAid are integrating to deliver a more efficient and cost effective Dose Administration Aids (DAA) ordering process from September 2016.


This combined solution developed by the two EBOS companies enables pharmacies that currently use both Minfos and DoseAid to realise savings. Pharmacies that provide DAAs to community patients can use Minfos’ new packing module. This module eliminates the need to juggle multiple software packages by centralising the DAA ordering in Minfos.




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