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Minfos Multi-store


Save time and reduce costs with Minfos multi-store. It allows you to centrally control your group’s Gross Profit (GP), stock, pricing and promotions..

Manage your store’s product details

  • Simplify your group’s processes by managing your core product range
  • Manage all the supplier and wholesaler updates
  • Manage category information 


Product edit screen


Control group pricing

  • Tailor pricing to suit the demographic of each store
  • Apply single or tiered retail pricing – see below for example


Mult store diagram


Control when new retail prices are applied

  • Use easy workflows to manage pricing from a single screen
  • Centrally manage dispense pricing


Centrally manage promotions

  • Create campaigns at head office
  • Share campaigns to subscribed stores
  • Wide range of promotion types available
  • Make edits on active in-store promotions from Head Office



  • Real time data transfer between head office and store
  • Reliable and secure transmission
  • Customise set up of each store
  • Easily view updates from Head Office


Centrally manage orders 

  • Order for multiple stores from a central location
  • View product details, SOH, sales and purchases from a single screen
  • Generate an order based on sales and purchases
  • Set up order templates
  • Set a schedule on those templates to automatically generate an order
  • Receive real time notifications at store level
  • Manage surplus stock across the group


Stock transfers

  • View other store’s stock on hand
  • Electronically transmit and receive store transfers


Report on store’s performance

  • Staff sales
  • Hourly and daily sales
  • Product sales
  • Category sales
  • Top and worst sellers


Reporting suite 

  • Real time reports and dashboards
  • Build your own reports
  • Customise existing reports to your needs
  • Schedule reports to email to anyone
  • View your stores data from anywhere


Group functionality


Have a group of stores but don’t need everything Multi-store offers?


You can still use our new functionality

  • Centrally manage orders 
  • Reporting suite 


Plus, you can share:

  • Import or export pricing
  • Dispense pricing
  • Share product categories between stores
  • Import and export promotions
  • Shelf talkers and label templates




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  • Manage your store’s product details
  • Control group pricing
  • Centrally manage promotions
  • Communications *new*
  • Centrally manage orders *in pilot*
  • Stock transfers
  • Report on store’s performance
  • Reporting suite *in development*