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Additional Modules




Our built-in packing module assists in accurately managing your Dose Administration Aids (DAA’s).


Minfos delivers a safe, accurate and cost-effective packing program.

Patient profile

Easily maintain and view a patient’s profile


Complicated medication profiles

Supports 8 dose times and multiple trays (max 5) for patients on many medications


Complex medication dosage management

Accurately manage medication for patients requiring different medication for different days and times


View drugs and drug balances for a customer (Virtual Pillbox)

The Virtual Pillbox shows you all drugs and the drug balances for a customer *


Medication replenishment

Simply filter the Virtual Pillbox balances to view low or negative drug balances to identify what needs to be refilled*


Efficient workflow

Effortlessly queue scripts in dispense from the packing module and charge to the customer account in 1-click*


Bulk substitution

Easily perform a bulk substitution when your preferred brand changes


Blister pack templates

Customise your blister templates for Medico or Practicare packs


Safely archive records

Packing runs and pack changes are archived so you can easily reference them in the future


* Relates to Meditec and DoseAid


  • Patient profile
  • Complicated medication profiles
  • Complex medication dosage management
  • View drugs and drug balances for a customer (Virtual Pillbox)
  • Medication replenishment
  • Efficient workflow
  • Bulk substitution
  • Blister pack templates
  • Safely archive records