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1300 887 418

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General enquiries

Want to find out more about what Minfos can do for your pharmacy, or see it in action? 


Contact our support team on 1300 887 418, or email us at , and we’ll be happy to arrange a no-obligation demonstration at your pharmacy.


Support enquiries


For all technical support enquiries, please give our support team a call on 1300 887 418, or create a ticket via our Minfos Help Centre.


Support Remote Connect

Minfos uses ScreenConnect from ConnectNow to provide remote support.


ScreenConnect does not require any pre-installation. To join a remote connect session simply open the link to Minfos ScreenConnect when speaking with a Minfos team member, and they will provide you with a 5 digit code when they are assisting you with an issue.


If you have not logged your issue yet, please see Support enquiries above.


Installations and training

Have questions about Minfos installations, training, or training session schedules?


Check out our services, or contact our trainer/installer team at .


Accounts enquiries

For accounts or billing enquiries, call our support team on 1300 887 418 during business hours, and they’ll happily transfer you to our accounts department.


Our address


Level 7, 737 Bourke Street
Docklands VIC 3008

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