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Pharmacy Solutions


Easily dispense, access patient and prescription details all while enjoying seamless integration with our Till

Minfos allows for all prescription types and with the use of eQueue, our electronic script basket, you can streamline your dispensing workflow.

Here are the tools to manage your dispensary
Send scripts to Till

Dispense scripts and they will be automatically sent to the Till or invoice straight to a customer account

Keep scripts on file

Hold customer scripts on file and be notified at Dispense, Drug Scan and Till

Display drug GPs

Minfos displays the GP% during dispensing so that pricing issues can be managed

Create flexible pricing

Set-up drug pricing at a fixed price or apply a mark-up on the cost, list or last buy price for drugs

Set-up preferred manufacturer

If you are dispensing a script using a non-preferred brand, Minfos will prompt you to use a substitute to a preferred manufacturer


Use our in-built calendar to leave reminders for staff and note appointments

Drug scan check

Ensure that the correct drug is supplied and easily measure pharmacy staff scanning rate using the drug scan check report

Robotic Integration

Minfos seamlessly integrates with robotic dispense units to efficiently and accurately deliver drugs, manage stock and receipt orders*

Medicine information

Access clinical information through MIMS integration


We integrate with both PES providers, eRx and MediSecure, to safely and securely transmit prescription data to pharmacies, improving health outcomes for patients

* Talk to your robotic vendor regarding your robot’s functionality or contact us to find out more about robotic integration.
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