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Business Intelligence Reports

All the numbers you need to analyse your business performance and make informed decisions

Use Minfos Online Reporting to access your data from anywhere at anytime.

Here’s how our reporting features can help
Comprehensive reports

Access to both Minfos Online Reporting‡ and Multi-store reporting provides you with visibility of stock movement, pricing, product, sales performance, staff, discrepancies, promotions and more

Auto-schedule reports

Access store reports from anywhere, anytime. You can also conveniently schedule reports to be emailed directly to key stakeholders

Dashboard reporting

Get a quick overview of your store or group’s key performance indicators to easily identify trends or areas to address


Benchmark a store’s performance against a group average or selected stores

Sales performance

View your store’s profit, loss and sales trends through reports on:

  • Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly sales

  • Category sales

  • Sales comparison

  • Promotion sales

  • Generic drug sales

  • Top-selling and under-performing product sales

Customise reports

New reports can be created or existing reports modified to display specific information you need. Our Minfos Business Intelligent Consultants* can work with you to build the reports your group needs to achieve strategic goals


Easily export your reports to Excel and PDF

‡This is a paid service and not included in your Minfos subscription fee.
*Consultation charges apply.
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