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Medication Packing

Accurately manage your sachet or blister packing

Simplify your Dose Administration Aids (DAA’s) management with our safe, accurate and cost-effective built-in Medication Packing module. Even better news, this is already included in your monthly subscription fee.

When you grow your DAA patient base, even to supporting a nursing home, Minfos Dispense integrates with a number of packing providers tailored to meet your needs.

See below benefits of your built-in Medication Packing
Patient profiles

Easily maintain and view a patient’s profile

Complex medication dosage management

Manage medication for patients with complex dosing regimens (different medications, days and times)

Medication replenishment

Effortlessly review low or negative drug balances to identify what needs to be refilled*

Efficient workflow

Quickly queue scripts in dispense and charge to the customer account in 1-click*

Blister pack templates

Customise your blister templates

Your options

Blister or sachet packing

Bulk substitution

Easily perform a bulk substitution when your preferred brand changes

Safely audit records

Record packing runs and pack changes and access for future reference

*Applicable for Meditec and DoseAid.
Our packing partners

To find out more about the packing providers we integrate with, visit our Integration Partners page. Or you can get in touch with us via our Help Centre, email [email protected] or call us on 1300 887 418