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Manage all your stores from one place

We’ve simplified your day-to-day operations and added more automated features so you can focus on growth.

Here's how you can do more with Multi-store
Product maintenance

Manage and categorise products centrally as well as tailor product attributes each pharmacy receives

Category maintenance

Manage up to seven categories on behalf of the group, removing the need to locally manage products and associated categories


Effortlessly get a snapshot or detailed report of a store or the groups’ performance

Single or tiered pricing

Pricing can be managed using a single or tiered pricing structure

Centralised Customer Accounts

Give your customers the freedom to shop at any of your stores and receive one statement

Store 1,2,3....

Increase efficiency by managing any size group centrally, whether it’s 3 or 200


Create and manage promotions and send to selected stores


Take control of database maintenance for your stores so they can concentrate on what they do best

We’re here to help guide, set up and train you on all things Multi-store so you can focus on giving your customers a great experience.

Leave it with us to ensure our expert installers implement Multi-store seamlessly within your group


We’ll provide all the training you need on Multi-store including management, reporting, pricing and much more

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