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Head Office Solutions

Centralised Ordering

Order for all your stores directly from your head office

Get greater visibility across your entire group by managing inventory for all your stores from a central location.

Check out how you can streamline your orders with Centralised Ordering
Auto-generate orders

Centrally auto-generate orders on behalf of some or all of your pharmacies

Order template

Create and modify ordering templates to easily manage ongoing orders

Schedule orders

Save time by using order templates to schedule your orders to auto-generate at a particular time of day

Data range or seasonal ordering

Pricing can be managed using a single or tiered pricing structure

Group stock holdings

Optimise stock holding across your group using our surplus stock functionality

Inter-store stock transfer

Easily transfer stock between your pharmacies

Automatic status update

View the status of orders and when your store receive and complete orders

Electronic ordering

Place orders electronically via PharmX

Let's get you setup
Before you start using Centralised Ordering, let’s make sure you’ve got everything you need:
  • You’ll need internet access

  • Your stores & head office must already be setup by us

  • For full functionality, you’ll need Minfos version 7.1.3 or higher

And to ensure things are running smoothly, your stores must:
  • Have the correct Supplier Account details recorded in Minfos for each supplier being used

  • Have run and actioned any outstanding MNPN product merges

  • Have run and actioned any duplicate PDEs

  • Have up-to-date Stock on Hand

  • Have up-to-date order information (e.g. Minimum order quantities)

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